How to design a Team Jersey

Published: 23rd March 2011
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How to design a Team Jersey

Custom team jerseys, whether they are for an Ultimate Frisbee team or a company’s cricket team are a great option to add a spirit of camaraderie and unity to any team, not to mention a bit of colour to the game!

Choose a suitable colour

While choosing the jersey colours, keep in mind the type of sport. For example, white for an indoor basketball team might be a good idea, but the same colour on a rugby t-shirt, will just result in the team having to change it every so often. After you have chosen the base colours, determine what other colours you’d like to include. Perhaps you’d like to keep the jersey simple, with just a hint of a second colour. Or perhaps you’d like your team to make a statement with a 3 or 4 coloured jersey. Just keep in mind that the more colours you have, the more expensive the jersey will be, because of the higher printing costs.

Choose other design elements

Custom uniforms and Custom Jerseys are relatively easy to design these days, thanks to the use of computers and self designing software. Depending on what type of team jersey you want i.e. basketball, baseball, soccer etc, you will have a few style options to choose from. Next, choose what other elements you’d like to have. How big would you like your team name or logo to be? If you have sponsors, where will their names appear and how big will these be? While dyeing and screen printing are the cheapest print options, embroidered logos and stitch on patches are generally preferred by professional teams.

Place you order

Many online companies offer you the option to design what you want through simple designing applications on their websites. Similarly you will be able to choose the type of material you’d like for your team jerseys and the quantities of each size. Make sure that the company you order from is able to deliver the jerseys within the time frame that you need them. Most organisations take between 2 and 3 weeks to deliver.

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